Sigma Group 30 Years

Corporate Hystory

SIGMA Srl was established by Dario Mari and his son Roberto in Locate Varesino (Italy) in 1990. Both experts in refractories, they aimed to specialize in high-quality production of refractories for the glass industry.

Over the years major investments have been done to significantly increase the capacity of the factory with the acquisition of new premises to improve firing facilities, cutting and grinding equipment.

To strengthen its position and open to new markets, all commercial activities flew into a specially dedicated Company REFRATRADE Srl in 2005.

With a focus on continued developments and increases in production capacity a new manufacturing site SIGMAREF SRL was opened in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in 2014 and doubled in 2016.

With the aid of refractory experts, highly trained skilled workers and experienced sales staff, SIGMA Group is today the biggest European manufacturer of special shapes for glass furnaces and maintains an export quota of more than 85% in over 60 countries.

Despite the sizes of a group employing more than 100 people, SIGMA is a family- company in its third generation now with Federico Mari, Roberto’s son, playing an active role in the management of the Company.

Dario e Roberto Mari
Roberto e Federico Mari